We are a young dynamically developing company working on the field of international road freight since 2004

We are specialized on the international transport mainly to the western Europe. Our domain is transport of electronics, high-value goods, chilled and frozen goods. For this purpose we have the best possible insurance and equipment. All trucks are GPS monitored and there are two drivers on the truck – hereby we provide high flexibility, security and the earliest possible delivery.



  • We are specialized on transports mainly in western Europe
  • We have over 25 trucks in Benelux daily
  • We also carry out regular transports to Great Britain, France and Spain
  • We deliver goods to Czech Republic, but also to northern Austria and Germany (mainly Bayern)


  • There are experienced dispatchers ready 24/7 fluently speaking German and English
  • Our goal is the individual approach to every customer and continual development of the company
  • We modernize the vehicle fleet regularly to meet the safety and environmental standards


We have the highest possible insurance for the high-value tranports – up to 400.000 Euros. We have the following clauses:


  • V33 insurance for the case of theft of transported load
  • V34 insurance of liability for damage caused by the vehicles not identified in the insurance contract
  • V37 insurance for a case of increase of value of the transported goods


In the present we own 45 – 50 trucks with cooled trailers

  • Trucks Scania & Volvo
  • Cooling trailers Schmitz

All transports are executed with our own trucks, which are GPS monitored 24/7
Average age of the fleet is around 2 years – we modernize it regularly with the respect to the transport safety and environment